5 Powerful Hacks to Immediately Improve Your Presentations

5 Powerful Hacks to Immediately Improve Your Presentations

Great leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Richard Branson are known to have many skills in common, one of which is public speaking. There are many elements that can help you deliver a better presentation, but the most important part is the way you deliver the message. 

And, the best way to show a good image is to be a confident orator.

Even though you may have to rely on some visual elements, your voice will set the tone and pace of your presentation. In this article, we’ll discuss the importance of developing your public speaking skills and give you a few tips to help improve your presentations.

Why Should You Hone Your Public-Speaking Skills?

We live in a society that’s driven by technology, but public speaking remains one of the most important skills you should develop if you want to be successful in the business world. 

From politicians to managers and professors, having the ability to eloquently deliver a message to a large number of people without losing their attention can help you become great at your job and provide additional opportunities you never thought you could achieve. 

Modern influencers like Jon Barnes have earned a reputation as public speakers, which has enabled them to publish books, create emotive podcasts, and coordinate talks that challenge the way modern society operates.

Although some people believe that public speaking is a natural skill, becoming a great orator requires a lot of practice. It’s true that it may seem easier for some, all great speakers need to put in the time and develop their skills in order to become a great communicator. 

Here are some tips to help you improve your presentation skills.

Don’t Wing It

From an outsider’s perspective, it may seem like some public speakers simply get on stage and deliver talks without any practice. However, the key to any good presentation is preparation. Delivering a great speech means investing a lot of time into developing the content and hours of practice to help deliver the talk in a concise and alluring way.

Take an Angle that You’re Passionate About

Let’s face it, not all presentation topics interest the person delivering a talk. You should always choose topics that move you in order to channel that emotion into the presentation. If that’s not a possibility, remember to always take an angle that you believe in. 

For example, if you have to talk about the education system and how it can improve, personalise your presentation by researching facts that you believe in and presenting them to your audience in an objective way.

Avoid Using Crutches

Using crutch words and sounds like “um” or “ah” can diminish the quality of your presentation and even lose your audience’s attention. Avoid using these crutches at all costs and employ silence to create an effect.

Use an Outline to Stay on Track

All great presentations have an outline, so write it down or memorise it and use it to stay on track during your presentation. Just remember that you can still make unscheduled pauses and include the audience whenever you like.

Rephrase Questions

When it’s Q&A time, always rephrase a question before answering. This will show your audience that you understand their inquiry and give you a few additional seconds to come up with a response.

Learn More About Developing Your Public Speaking Skills

Public speaking and presentation delivery are crucial skills that you need to hone in order to succeed as a professional. The tips above should help you sharpen your presentation skills and improve the way you deliver information to a crowd.

Want to hone your orating skills? Get in touch with us and our team will be glad to help.

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Kym Wallis, the founding director of Higher Ranking has over 15 years of advertising sales, digital strategy, and business development experience. He is currently working as Digital Adviser for iChoose New Zealand.


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