How to Start Trusting Yourself More

How to Start Trusting Yourself More

Trusting in oneself is something people deal with at one point or the other in their life while growing up – some adults are still dealing with the problem of how to trust themselves. Trust actually starts from within and can affect a lot of the decisions you can make. When you do not trust in yourself, you can easily end up feeling stressed out, which shines right through your body language. Public speaking requires a significant level of trust with yourself to ensure you’re appearing confident, speaking clearly, and engage with the audience. So, if you’re looking to develop self-trust to help with your public speaking skills, keep reading below.

Here are a Few Tips on Developing Self Trust:

Focus on your Strength

We are all better than each other at various things, so focus on what you are good at and build on it. When you take part in things that are a source of strength to you or engage in activities you have a better advantage over others, this can help in building trust in yourself. Trust is built from your strength through believing that you would succeed in whatever you are good at. Although, you can take up different daunting task if you trust you can, it all starts from within and that is self-trust.

Make Decisions and Stick to them

Lack of trust in yourself can make you blame yourself countlessly based on the past. When we lack self-trust, we tend to question everything about ourselves and this could result in having low self-esteem. Making a decision and sticking with it can be a good way to develop trust in yourself, not all decisions will turn out the way you want so accepting your mistakes and learning from them gradually build the trust you have in yourself. Mistakes are bound to happen, we all have made bad decisions sometimes and in our lives and there are still some bad decisions we are yet to make. Do not beat yourself up when things don’t go as planned.

Be Yourself

Today, the fear of what people would say have prevented a lot of people from taking some steps that would change their lives positively. If you put up a different action when you are around people, this simply indicates you are lacking confidence and trust in yourself. A lot of people have become so good at pretending to be someone else because of the fear of criticism. Some questions you ask yourself have a negative impact on trusting in yourself. Some of these questions are:

  • What will they think of me? 
  • Do I fit in? 
  • How do they feel about me? 
  • And so on…

To build trust in yourself, you have to understand and accept that no matter what you do or who you try to be, not everyone will feel the same way about you. So start today, by being yourself around people!

Spend Time to introspect within you and Be Nice to Yourself

Lack of self-trust is sometimes as a result of not taking out time to really check yourself. Start by loving yourself, when you love yourself, all negative thoughts are greatly reduced. Meditation is also a great way to build your self-trust and self-confidence, endeavour to take out some time daily to introspect. Spending time with yourself can help you curb the occurrence of negative thoughts as well as help you figure out several actions or decision either taken or yet to be taken.

Building trust in yourself is a gradual process but can make you a phenomenal public speaker and help foster great relationships with others. For 1-on-1 tailored public speaking advice (online or in-person) or corporate public speaking training, contact us at Fearless Speakers today!

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