Presenting Professionally




In terms of career advancement and getting that interview nailed, you need to stand out from the rest with great communication skills. You need to ensure that the message that you are delivering is clear, persuasive and professional, this is true whether you are speaking in front of an audience, on an one-on-one situation or during a job interview.

Public speaking training has always been seen as a very personal face-to-face affair, and we have all liked it that way. We learn and practise our presentations in front of a person or in front of a group, feel heard and supported, gain insights into our patterns and learn new skills we can use to get ahead in life and in our profession.

So how can we possibly replicate this in an Online setting?

You’d be very surprised how well we can. We have been doing Online Video sessions with clients who live a distance from us, for many years now, and the overwhelming response from them is they are amazed at how “personal” and similar it feels, after just the first session.

You might ask: “Don’t I have to practise my presentations speaking in front of an audience, so that I can learn to control my anxiety?”

Learning to present effectively involves many skills that need to be learned one by one. It is not unlike learning to drive a car; you learn one thing at a time and practise that:

  • You will learn how to structure your thoughts and hence your message so that it is clearly understood
  • You will learn how to use your body and gestures to enhance your message
  • You will learn how to maintain your listeners engaged throughout your presentation
  • You will learn how to answer a question off-the-cuff by using improvisation techniques
  • You will learn how to modulate your voice to elicit a particular emotion on your listeners

Do you see where we are going here? These, and others, are all skills that have to be learned properly BEFORE adding the anxiety of having to present with a large audience. Learning to control anxiety or presentation jitters is another skill that we teach and one that you can practise in front of a camera while presenting to a large group (which we will organise for you when you are ready).


Please note that places are usually limited to 12 participants and our courses get full quickly.

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