Frequent Asked Questions

What is the maximum number of people that I might find in a course?

We limit our courses to a maximum of 12 participants for maximum personal interaction

Is there a discount for group bookings?

Yes, of course, we offer discounts for groups, please contact us with the details

Will the course be catered?

On most of our standard courses, we provide snacks during the breaks. Some courses specifically include lunch. Please check with the coordinator prior to starting the program.

What payment methods do you accept?

We work with most credit cards, we also accept Paypal or Direct Bank Transfer.

Where do you offer courses?

We offer our regular courses and bootcamps in various areas of Sydney. We can arrange customised training anywhere in Australia in person or worldwide via videoconferencing.

Are your courses and coaching tax deductible?

It depends on your individual circumstances. If the training provided is necessary for your work or career progression, generally yes. However, this is best to discuss with your accountant as it might change from person to person.

What should I wear when attending a course?

If you plan to deliver your presentations in a business environment, you might consider wearing what you would usually wear in that environment. This is because, during the presentation