One on One Public Speaking Training

One on One Training – Fearless Speakers

Public speaking is a fundamental communication skill that builds career and life success. We are not born with the skills of public speaking but learn them. Through expert public speaking training and practice you too can master these skills and improve your career trajectory. Our expert public speakers at Fearless Speakers can help you get on the path to successful speaking. Our vast experience and insight is imparted in classes that give you the skills you need to thrive in this ever competitive environment. Whether one on one or in large groups, Fearless Speakers can transform you and your organization into expert speakers.

We offer one on one training in person, online (via Zoom, Teams or other) or at on premise at your organization. We are committed to your speaking success and hope to work with you soon.

What Makes Us Different

Many public speaking & leadership training offerings are mostly lecture with very little practical exercises to help you absorb the skills. Passive learning never works. We take the opposite approach. You get the knowledge and expertise you need and then you practice – there is no better way to learn than by doing.
Many other training organizations offer large class sizes of nearly 100 students. Our small class sizes makes for the best learning outcome for our students. You will benefit from one on one training with our expert trainers. This individual attention and focus is not available in our competition.
With over 15 years of expertise in public speaking & leadership we know the field. Our speaking and leadership experts can give you the competitive edge we have offered 1000’s of students over the years. Our experience spans nearly every industry, venue and practice area. We can truly help you take the next step to become an expert communicator, speaker and leader!
There are many training options in the marketplace for public speaking and leadership. Few take the latest in scientific research and turn it into actionable training that transforms your communication, speaking, leadership outcomes. We do. We are dedicated to your success so our training is always being enhanced and improved. Your speaking and leadership success is our singular endeavor.

Our one on one executive training is scheduled at 10 hour increments for $999. It is entirely customizable to your requirements and schedule. If you are ready to invest in improving your public speaking & leadership skills please click on the Buy Now button below. You can schedule now by calling (02) 8091 1212 and one of our executive coaching trainers will be happy to assist you.Still Got Questions? Want to Schedule a Session?