How to Start Trusting Yourself More

How to Start Trusting Yourself More Trusting in oneself is something people deal with at one point or the other in their life while growing up – some adults are still dealing with the problem of how to trust themselves. Trust actually starts from within…

5 Powerful Hacks to Immediately Improve Your Presentations

5 Powerful Hacks to Immediately Improve Your Presentations Great leaders such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Richard Branson are known to have many skills in common, one of which is public speaking. There are many elements that can help you deliver a better presentation,…


The Fallacy of the Natural-Born Speaker

The popular belief is that public speaking is a skill we are born or blessed with, not one that we acquire. Sure, there are people who might be better than others, but none is born successful in this skill.

How to Read Your Audience

Sometimes, new public speakers ask me how to best judge an audience during a speech. Hearing this question impresses me because indicates that the speaker is making an effort to better engage with his or her audience.

How to Overcome your Fear of Public Speaking

Jokes aside, let’s face it, Public Speaking is very, very difficult. For most of us it is an experience likened to the fear of snakes, spiders and even death itself. The above belief tends to influence our physiology and our ability to deliver properly as…

The Elevator Pitch

The most important goal of your elevator pitch should be clarity and understanding. Everyone who hears it should know exactly what you do or what job you are seeking. We’ve all been there: Say, you go to a networking event, seminar or social function, and the leader…

The Psychology of Public Speaking

A Better Learning Experience As a public speaking trainer and eternal student of Public Speaking I’m always looking deeper into this art to improve my skills.

Could Public Speaking Be a New Year’s Resolution?

With the start of every new year – often we come up with valuable personal resolutions. We promise to do countless things to better ourselves.

Fear of Public Speaking – No More

Public speaking is often listed as one of the most feared experiences. This is often listed before fear of snakes, spiders and even death itself. Really? Is public speaking really worse than death? How is it that such a powerful communication skill gets such a…